From Slavery to Freedom

Following long years of back-breaking toil and neglect, Shula will undergo rehabilitation in the Society's Horses Home

Just a few days before Passover, the mare, Shula, has also won freedom, leaving slavery behind, and she is free at last. After long years of crushing toil, hunger and neglect, she has reached the safe harbor of the Horses Home in the SPCA where she will undergo an extended period of rehabilitation.

Shula, a lovely, eighteen-year-old, good-natured mare was found wandering on the streets in the late evening and was brought to the Society. From first glance one could see that she was exhausted, suffering from malnutrition and that she could not see from one eye due to a severe infection. Dr. Barak Amram, an expert veterinarian who examined Shula, determined that the wound in her eye had been neglected for a long time and it was decided to operate and remove the eye. Now she is under veterinarian care, treated with antibiotics, injections and drops. Following the veterinarian’s recommendations, she is given special food; a nourishing mixture specifically for horses that will bring her up to her correct weight within a few months.

Shula’s long rehabilitation will be very expensive considering the high cost of medical treatments and special food. The cost of her operation was NIS3,500 and it is estimated that her ongoing care will involve a further sum of approximately NIS2,500 per month (medical treatment, examinations, ongoing care for hoof trimming and vaccinations). Those interested in helping in Shula’s rehabilitation and keeping track of her progress are invited to contribute through our site or by phone (*4553).

Unfortunately, even as we celebrate this Festival of Freedom, there are many horses and donkeys who are forced to slave and who suffer abuse and neglect. If you come across any animal in distress, please notify us. Your alertness can help extricate those poor animals from the cycle of suffering.