Four Brothers

Let us introduce the siblings Sally, Piper, Brigitte and Simba – half-breed pointers that were abandoned and are now looking for warm homes

Sally, Piper, Brigitte and Simba are half-breed, pointer puppies that reached the SPCA, after being abandoned about one month ago. Now, at the age of three months, having been under observation and inoculated, they are ready for adoption and eager to join their new families.

The four puppies have winning personalities, are full of inquisitive energy, love to play and run around and will reciprocate all the love you may give them a thousand-fold. Their future owners should take into account that they are not yet house-trained, need long walks to release excess energy and that when fully grown, they will be large dogs.

It should be noted that, like so many other puppies, these four adorable dogs are paying the price of their owners’ irresponsibility. Their owners are rearing their mother who they have not had spayed, as a result of which, instead of being in warm homes where they would be nurtured from an early age, they were abandoned and are in a dog shelter where they must contend with other dogs for the attention of potential adopters. Every year thousands of puppies in Israel are abandoned because the mother’s owners didn’t think one step ahead and didn’t find solutions for all the puppies that were born. If you are rearing dogs or cats, please have them fixed. These surgical procedures, which are carried out daily in our veterinary clinic, prevent illness, extend the lifespan of the animals and prevent the birth of unwanted kittens and puppies that have difficulty finding adoptive homes.