Contribute to animals – contribute to life!

SPCA Israel invites you to join us and contribute to the ongoing work we do for animals. Any donation, even the smallest, can help us help the animals

Since its inception in 1927, the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel has been working tirelessly for the welfare of any animal in need of help, shelter and protection. The Society is a non-profit organization run by a committee of volunteers, and in order to continue our humane work and prevent animal suffering, we need your help.
Every day we see first-hand the immense suffering of abandoned animals and we do all we can to help them. In many cases, we are these poor animals' only hope. Unfortunately, however, at times our hands are tied due to budget deficits. You can help us, and them, with your donations.

How do like to contribute?

Donation via Credit card or PayPal

Donations by credit card can be also made by calling: *4553 or +972-3-5136500 (for calls from abroad).

Donations to the Society are recognized for tax purposes ꟾ A receipt will be sent to all donors. ꟾ The Society holds a Certificate of Proper Management.

For information about wills, bequests and endowments, and about donations in commemoration of a loved one or a pet, please call us at: *4553 and ask to speak to the Society’s chairwoman.

Other ways to help