Before we part

Goodbyes and tremendous thanks to Ariella Manik, the American who came to the Society by way of the Career Israel organization

A few months ago Ariella Menick, a young woman from the United States, joined the voluntary staff of the Society. Ariella was sent to us by the Career Israel organization, which offers a special five month program for college and university graduates from all over the world, with the goal of familiarizing them with Israel, to enrich and advance them in the employment aspect. During their stay in Israel the organization supplies the participants with housing, they learn Hebrew, they tour the country and they choose to work in a business or an organization within the many fields offered to them.

Ariella, who of course chose the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel, very quickly fit in and became in integral part of the place. In the framework of her job at the Society, Ariella assisted in setting up the English website and in writing letters, she assisted in the ongoing care of the animals and took dogs out for walks. The jewel in the crown was her giving a temporary home to two sweet puppies.

Those puppies were abandoned shortly after they were born, and since they were unable to eat on their own they needed controlled feedings. Ariella immediately volunteered for this responsible assignment, took the pups to her residence, and there she fed them every few hours, beginning with a bottle and later with soft food. In the month that Ariella took care of the pups with tremendous devotion, they grew and put on weight and will soon by candidates for adoption.

Soon Ariella will finish the program in Israel and will return to her home in the United States with a wealth of memories and experiences in Israel. After her work at the Society she is even considering studying veterinary medicine. We want to thank Ariella from the bottom of our hearts for her great contribution to the Society, and we wish her great success in whichever path she chooses.