Bar Mitzvah Gift

Liran Shlomo Fiada donated part of his Bar Mitzvah gifts to the Society

Educating for humane treatment and compassion towards animals is an inseparable part of the Society’s objectives. Our Educational Department runs group activities for all ages, particularly children and youth, the main part of which is imparting values such as tolerance, empathy, responsibility, giving and respect for nature and the environment. Every one of these is a huge word, but when each word is broken down to acts of care and love, it becomes a way of life. Therefore, one of the most exciting things, as far as we are concerned, is to witness how children take upon themselves to care for the welfare of animals. This can be expressed in many ways: From initiating activities on the subject in their schools or youth movements, collecting blankets and toys for abandoned animals, or initiating Facebook activities to promote adoption of pets and for other goals.

Liran Shlomo Fiada, aged thirteen, caused us great excitement when he decided to donated a considerable part of his Bar Mitzvah gift money to the Society. Liran, a sworn animal lover, came to the Society with his mother, Michal, and after they had toured the facility, Liran decided to donate his gift money to the cats’ shelter and stables.

We wish to express our sincere gratitude to Liran and his family for their outstanding sensitivity to animals, and for their generous contribution.