About Sheep, Children and Good Deeds

Educational Activity in the Good Deeds House in Ramat Gan

Last week the Society’s Department of Education for Humaneness held a special event to enhance animal awareness in the Good Deeds House in Ramat Gan. The existing Personal Mentoring Project involves volunteers who help children from the surrounding area with their homework on an ongoing basis and from time to time special enrichment projects are organized on a wide range of topics.

The children listened attentively to explanations about the Society’s work for animal welfare, took part in various activities, watched video movies and held an interesting discussion on subjects that were raised. One outcome of the successful event was the lively interest the children displayed on the subject, leading to their request to contribute to the Society themselves. It was suggested that they could each create an original, hand-made item that the Society could present to those who donate to the cause of animal welfare. The children made small ornamental sheep which each child designed according to his or her own personal taste.

We wish to express our sincere appreciation to the Good Deeds House for its cooperation in this worthwhile project.

The Good Deeds House was established about 8 years ago as a non-profit association with the aim of helping the disadvantaged sectors of the population in Ramat Gan. The association supplies food to approximately 40 families on a regular basis, and with the approach of the holiday seasons, approximately 1,000 dry-food packages and shopping coupons are distributed in Ramat Gan and other cities.
In addition, personal mentor programs and help with school homework is provided by volunteers from the ‘Good Spirits Association’ and by high-school pupils, as part of their ‘Personal Responsibility’ projects. Other programs that are run in the Good Deeds House are: The Flute and Drum Orchestra, evening classes for women, Hebrew classes for new immigrants and Torah lessons.