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The children from the "Beit HaGalgalim" Day Camp in Jerusalem, this week, visited the Society for thePrevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel

The children from the “Beit HaGalgalim” Day Camp in Jerusalem visited the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel this week.

The group, which is in the midst of a summer camp filled with activities, chose to contribute to the community in the framework of a visit to the facilities of the Society. The children and the volunteers received an explanation about the abandoned dogs and cats that are looking for a warm home. They took them out for a walk and even prepared adoption notices for them which would encourage visitors to the center to adopt the animals.

The Educational Department for Humanism of the Society, which hosted the day camp Beit Galagalim, invites additional groups of children, adolescents and adults to visit the Society’s shelter, to conduct a guided tour for free and to help us by taking the dogs up for adoption for a walk. For additional details please contact: *4553.

Beit HaGalgalim, a voluntary association, which has five branches throughout Israel. It has been active for 30 years in helping handicapped children, adolescents and adults who are suffering from muscular degeneration, cerebral palsy and other serious diseases. These last ones are integrated into club groups that take place during the week and in camps, while the central activity is weekend activity, which is organized in small groups of about 15 participants and a similar number of volunteer counselors. Similarly the voluntary association runs a project of work reassignment which integrates the apprentices who have finished school in the open workplace with an appropriate salary.