1. 2016

    SPCA has organized and hosted a series of inspiring public lectures on the topic of animal welfare under the title “Furry Wednesday.”

  2. 2014

    During Operation “Tzuk Eitan”, pets belonging to residents of the south of the country and to soldiers on reserve duty were housed at SPCA.

  3. 2014

    The Society’s Humane Education Department launched the SPCA Club – a special educational project and the first of its kind in the world, in which preschoolers and primary-school children assist animals in many different ways.

  4. 2013

    SPCA opened an educational center, including a fully equipped classroom. The center is used by the Humane Education Department to run hundreds of educational activities every year.

  5. 2012

    A new law initiated by the SPCA was passed in the Knesset, according to which owners of dogs that are not spayed or neutered will pay a higher license renewal fee, in order to prevent propagation and the abandonment of puppies.

  6. 2011

    A number of Knesset members from different political parties joined the SPCA’s annual campaign “Not Your Kappara” [atonement sacrifice], calling on the public to replace the tradition of slaughtering hens on ‘Yom Kippur’ with a gift to charity.

  7. 2010

    “Be a Man – Take Care of your Dog”, a Ministry of Agriculture campaign to encourage spaying and neutering of dogs, launched at the Society in the presence of [then] Minister of Agriculture Shalom Simhon, MK Eitan Cabel and singer Yardena Arazi.

  8. 2010

    After the Carmel forest fire, the SPCA volunteers rescued abandoned animals and brought them to the shelter. Additionally, the society provided free boarding to pets whose homes were damaged in the fire.

  9. 2009

    Following a collaboration with Channel 10 News an inquiry was published exposing the fact that faux fur coats manufactured by Israeli companies contain real animal fur.

  10. 2009

    During Operation Cast Lead (Oferet Yetzuka) the SPCA rescued abandoned animals from the south of Israel and gave free boarding to pets of the residents and soldiers on reserve duty.

  11. 2007

    The SPCA marked its 80th anniversary with an exhibition of posters created by students at “HaBetzefer”, Israel’s Advertising Agencies Academy, under the banner “80 Years’ of Love”.

  12. 2007

    The Society’s Humane Education Department launched a special newspaper for kids and teenagers.

  13. 2005

    The Disengagement Plan – during the evacuation of the settlements [near Gaza] the Society’s volunteers collected all the stray animals and brought them to the shelter.

  14. 2004

    SPCA organized the largest animal adoption event ever held in Israel entitled “Take Me Home” and, to promote it, released the single “There is Love in Me” performed by singers Zehava Ben and Liat Achiron. Thousands of visitors enjoyed performances by prominent Israeli kids’ stars, and by the end of the event most of the cats and dogs had found new homes.

  15. 2002

    SPCA marked its 75th anniversary, published a special booklet and held a special adoption event in collaboration with the Kids’ Channel newspaper.

  16. 2001

    “Tel Aviv says ‘Meow’” – the Society held a special event all about cats at the “Cinematheque”, a movie house in Tel Aviv, with a movie marathon and a photo exhibition. All proceeds went to purchasing a vehicle for the extraction of cats in the city.

  17. 1992

    The Society relocated to its new facility on 159 Herzl Street in Tel Aviv thanks to donations from our supporters in Israel and around the world. The move was a big step forward in terms of the quality of the facilities and the welfare of the sheltered animals, and it made it possible to provide many vital services to the community.

  18. 1989

    “Mixed Breeds have Pedigree” – SPCA organized a special event to encourage the adoption of mixed breed dogs. Following its success, the event carried on in the following years, as well.

  19. 1988

    The “Kolbotek” (consumerism) TV program publicly attacked the Society on the issue of euthanasia. The Society, represented by attorney Amnon Zichroni, filed a lawsuit for slander and false information and won the case. The Broadcasting Authority was forced to retract the accusations and apologize publicly.

  20. 1983

    The company that was running the Dolfinarium on the Tel Aviv beach was experiencing financial difficulties; as a result, the care of the trained dolphins deteriorated until it was intolerable. The intervention of the Society led to an improvement.

  21. 1982

    In the wake of the peace agreement with Egypt and the evacuation of the city of Yamit, many pets were deserted by local residents who had lost their homes and found themselves in financial distress. The army, under the command of Major General Rafael Eitan (Raful), assisted the Society. A group of volunteers and veterinarians thoroughly scanned the region in search of abandoned animals, which were then brought to the shelter in Tel Aviv in military trucks.

  22. 1978

    The Society resolutely and successfully fought against the intention to set up bullfights in the Bloomfield Stadium in Jaffa. Thanks to the compelling lawsuit filed by the Society, Israel’s Supreme Court ruled to impose such stringent conditions on the bullfight organizers that they ultimately gave up the project.

  23. 1975

    The Society helped volunteers to open an animal shelter in Beersheba.

  24. 1974

    During the Yom Kippur War, the Society cared for the dogs of many soldiers who were away from home due to their military service.

  25. 1973

    The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel participated in “Abie’s Angels” – a project in which Abie Nathan gave voluntary organizations the opportunity to present their activities to the wider public.

  26. 1973

    At the initiative of the Society, a newspaper exposé made the public aware of the conditions that animals were suffering in the food industry — forced feeding of geese and raising calves for slaughter.

  27. 1972

    The Society investigated and publicized the conditions in which laboratory animals were kept at Bar Ilan University. The public outcry that arose compelled the university to set up a new building with more responsible and humane conditions.

  28. 1970

    “Animal Week in Israel” – an initiative of the SPCA in cooperation with various groups and the Ministry of Education – was launched.

  29. 1964

    The Society partnered the struggle against cruelty and neglect of riding horses in Eilat.

  30. 1948

    During the War of Independence the shelter was used as a refuge for immigrants.

  31. 1928

    The animal hospital was repaired after it was damaged in the 1927 earthquake.

  32. 1927

    The shelter was opened and a veterinarian was appointed.

  33. 1926

    Property was bought at 30 Salome Street in Tel Aviv for the purpose of establishing a shelter.