Boarding for horses & donkeys at SPCA

Since its inception the Society has worked tirelessly for the welfare of animals, including horses and donkeys. Unfortunately, these animals are still being used as beasts-of-burden in the 21st century. Many of their owners torture them by using them for slave labor such as pulling heavy carts, beating them, depriving them of sufficient food and water, neglecting to care for their medical needs and endangering them on the roads.

Over the last decade, more than 500 horses and donkeys have been rescued, treated and rehabilitated at the Society’s facilities; animals that were living in a state of criminal neglect and subject to constant abuse. At the same time, the Society is putting pressure on the relevant authorities and appropriate entities to enforce existing laws and to prosecute perpetrators to the fullest extent of the law.

The horse and donkey rehabilitation process is long, complicated and entails large expenditures for high-quality food and comprehensive, professional medical care. Donations help us to give them the best treatment in optimal conditions. After rehabilitation, the SPCA team do their utmost to find suitable and responsible homes in regulated stables for the horses and donkeys. In order to ensure they do not return to the circle of pain, every person who adopts a horse or donkey must sign an agreement with the SPCA.

You are welcome to come and meet our lovely horses and donkeys which, after suffering prolonged abuse, have been rehabilitated by our dedicated team.