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The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel  


The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel, Tel Aviv-Yafo (*), works towards the welfare of all animals that need help, shelter and protection. In existence for more than 80 years, the Society, sadly, experiences each day the abandoning and consequently suffering of enormous amounts of animals and does everything it can to prevent this and future suffering. In many instances we are the only place for these poor creatures. However, due to a never ending-lack of enough financial support we feel there is so much more we are not doing. Therefore we do need your help, please.

The Society is a non-for-profit organization, and we receive no governmental, or financial support from any other official body. The Society is run by a committee of volunteers, of which on an almost daily basis at least one of them is present in the Society, to oversee and help with the activities there, thus saving on salaries. We do have a handful of salaried workers, all of them caring, dedicated people, who don't receive very much in pay, but give an awful lot and in addition do often volunteer extra in their free time. Next to them we have the help of many wonderful people who volunteer with various tasks when their jobs, studies, family-lives allows them. We do so appreciate them.

But going back to the lack of money! Every month we are forced to pay out thousands of shekels for continuous expenses. The income from veterinary services, from adoptions and from boarding services do not cover the many expenses (just think of simple costs as for water, electricity, telephone, expenses on running the car, the motorcycle, insurance, salaries). The difference between income and expenses can only be filled by contributions, grants and wills. Only the support of goodhearted people contributing money to our Society prevents the closure of our facility. The last few months have made us deciding to have our place open to the public with one and a half hour a day less than previous was possible. We had to let some personnel go. On the other hand we experience more animals in need of our help. It does not add up: at the one end more help and expenses needed and at the other end having far less financial support to do our work.

Your help, your contributions allow us to operate our clinic for long hours, to subsidize surgeries and various treatments, to improve the conditions of the animals that take refuge in our facility, to increase the use of the rescue vehicle service for assisting animals, to run educational activities for new generations and more.

In order to continue our facility to stay open and thereby trying to prevent some of the suffering of animals, we desperately do need your help. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel, Tel Aviv-Yafo (*), calls on you to be our partner, and to contribute to its continuance and thereby to the advancement of the welfare of animals in Israel. Every contribution, even the smallest, does help us in our activities. The Society is committed to using the funds contributed to the Society only for its work done with and for the animals.

Contributions in Israel are recognized for tax purposes, and we hope shortly also to obtain the same recognition for contributions in the United States and maybe other countries later. We will keep you informed.

Thank you,
Hilma Shmoshkovitz, chairperson (volunteer, non-paid) of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel, Tel Aviv-Yafo (*).

(*) Although we make it a habit always to mention the name Tel Aviv-Yafo connected to our official name (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel), one should know that by no means we are a Society that only operates in Tel Aviv-Yafo. On the contrary, not only are we each week, either with our own car or with rented vehicles going to many places in Israel when our help is needed, but also, from all over Israel people find our place either to come to adopt an animal but surely they know to call us when they need help or when there is a case of suspected abuse or anything else.

Details for contributions to the Society:
Non-profit organization number: 580000156
Mercantile Discount Bank Ltd., 16A Jerusalem Boulevard, Tel Aviv—Jaffa, Branch 653, Account Number: 1066.
In case you decide to use this method, by directly sending your donation to the bank of the Society, we like to ask you to inform us about this, so that we can see when the money came into our account and if it is in a foreign currency, how this was mentioned by the bank. Also, this way we can send you a receipt for your donation immediately. Thank you.

Contributions by credit card can be made on the website of the Society or by
telephone: 03-513-6500, *4553 (for calls outside Israel please dial +972-3-5136500).

Checks made out to the "Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel, Tel Aviv-Yafo" can by sent by mail to:
The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel, 159 Herzl Street
P.o.box 49158 Tel Aviv 68101
* Contributions in NIS, US$ or Euro may be made on this page. Contributions in other currencies can be made directly through bank transfers to the SPCA bank account or by check.

All interested in contributing to animal welfare and memorializing a loved pet, may contribute any sum over NIS 1,000. and we will produce a special plaque with your pet’s picture and your personal inscription, which will be hung in the Society. Further details in our next article or at the Society’s offices: *4553, (+972)-3-5136500



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