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Neutering Pesach!

During April only – Special offers for all neutering surgical procedures in Tel Aviv and Bnei Zion

Snir Sharoni  | date: 28/03/2012   

Neutering  Pesach!
Photographed by Haim Schwarczenberg

For the month of April the Society invites all cat and dog owners to enjoy this special offer of greatly reduced prices for sterilization and castration procedures in the Tel Aviv and Bnei Zion veterinary clinics.

The “Neutering Pesach” special offer is intended to alleviate the financial burden of these procedures on those pet owners who wish to have their pets neutered but are prevented from doing so in the face of the high costs.
The aim of this offer is to minimize the uncontrolled proliferation of stray animals and the suffering of unwanted kittens and puppies.

Special offer prices for the month of April:
Cat neutering – NIS 70
Dog castration – NIS 100
Sterilization of small and medium sized bitches – NIS130
Sterilization of large bitches – NIS 180

To make appointments in the Tel Aviv and Bnei Zion Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals clinics, please call:

The veterinarians performing these important surgical procedures are highly skilled and experienced, and the sum charged to the cat and dog owners is intended to cover the costs of these operations and the upkeep of the clinics only.<


As the month of April approaches, The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel calls all pet owners to make appointments for these procedures for their pets and to take advantage of this special offer. These operations, accepted throughout the Western world, are considered minor and simple surgeries with very short recuperation periods. In addition to the fact that the animals will not have to deal with unwanted litters, these procedures contribute to the animals’ health, improve their quality of life, increase their life-span, help to prevent aggressive behavior and prevent various diseases.

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