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Good Deeds Week

Educational program in the Ophira Navon School, Kfar Saba


Snir Sharoni  | date: 22/03/2012   

Good Deeds Day, which took place this year on March 20 throughout the country under the auspices of the Good Spirits Organization, attracted thousands of people to take part in this welcome activity for the benefit of the community. In the Ophira Navon Primary School in Kfar Saba, it was decided to expand the activity and to hold a whole week focused around contribution to various sectors in Israeli society.

Educational activities for the pupils of the School focused on animal welfare. The activities were led by the Humanitarian Education Department of the Society for Protection of Animals in Israel. The activities, which were supported by educational accessories such as colorful cards, videos clips and games, were dedicated to teaching the children about the origins of the connection of man with dogs and cats. Animal rights and the prohibition against animal abuse, our responsibility and the commitment involved in pet adoptions, the importance of sterilization and the many ways by which animals help people were amongst the issues raised.
The pupils organized a donation project for blankets, towels and sheets, which will help keep the animals warm on these cold winter nights while they wait in the Society to be adopted, and also contributed dolls, toys and old balls.
The School principal, Ms. Lilach Beaty addressed the school: “We consider it to be of the utmost importance to convey a sense of the value of giving and contributing to the community directly. These activities are innovative, contributing greatly to the development of a positive attitude towards animals, as well as the recognition of their rights, needs and welfare. In addition to the cooperation with the Society, the children also took part in other projects such as contributing to the security forces, Magen David Adom, the Meir Hospital in Kfar Saba and the municipal Golden Age Club.

The Ophira Navon School was founded 19 years ago in the Kaplan district, Kfar Saba East. In recent years the School has expanded and now serves children from four city districts in 16 classes. As an educational provider, the school plays an important role in constructing a moral society whose members display solidarity, respect, contribution, social involvement, caring and mutual responsibility. In accordance with this approach, cultivating social skills and values is given uppermost priority amongst the goals of the Ministry of Education, along with promoting scholastic achievement. This year, the School is running “Good Deeds Week” for all its pupils.

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