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Amal on the Israel National Trail

National competition for pupils in the Amal Schools included a unique assignment in the Society

Snir Sharoni  | date: 29/01/2012   

Amal on the Israel National Trail

Every year the Amal Schools chain holds a competition entitled: “Amal on the Israel National Trail”, during which pupils are awarded the opportunity to experience a variety of unusual challenges, combining virtual space activities and use of digital media as part of learning about important sites around the country. The activity requires teamwork, abstract thinking skills, classification ability, creativity, dilemma solving and use of a variety of computerized tools, constituting a qualitative and relevant pedagogic tool combining education and entertainment (Edutament).

Each of the schools in the chain is represented by a team of twenty pupils from 10th Grade, who initially were required to carry out a set of missions for the first stage of the competition. Twenty four of the leading teams went on to the second stage, where each team was divided into two groups – the field group that explored the sites and had to complete certain assignments and their teammates, who were stationed in the computer room, helping them to solve the assignments and guiding them on to the next point.

The sites that participated in the competition this year were in the Tel Aviv-Jaffa area, and the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Israel was chosen as one of the central sites on the trail.
The participating teams had to tour around the facility, choose dogs and cats that touched their hearts, photograph them and collect data about them. These details were sent, real time, to their teammates waiting in the school computer room, whose task it was to create internet campaigns promoting adoption of the chosen animals.


We wish to congratulate the winners and all the participating teams and to thank the Amal Schools for this unique initiative and for the wonderful cooperation enjoyed by all.

To see the video clip from the Interdisciplinary School in Tzafat:

To see the video clip from Nofarim School, Tiberias:

To see the video clip from the Interdisciplinary School in Hadera:

Amal is a chain of schools and colleges for the Sciences, Technologies and Arts, offering a learning-educational framework to all levels of the population, from youth-at-risk and on to exceptionally gifted youth. The chain, established in 1928, aims to establish and promote education for values in a multi-cultural society as well as cultivating scientific, technological excellence and promoting initiative in all fields.

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