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Chag Sameach

Pesach Newsletter, 2012

  | date: 05/04/2012   

Chag Sameach

Dear Friends,

Springtime heralds the reawakening of nature, the scent of blossoms fills the air and the Pesach holiday approaches. The festive atmosphere and the seasonal changes are well felt also in the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel: The heaters and the blankets, that kept the dogs and cats warm throughout the cold winter months, have been moved into storage and in the coming months many new projects are set to GO! I wish to take this opportunity to tell you about the activities of the Society in recent months and regale you with stories of abandoned animals who found new and warm homes. Please goodness, during this coming Festival of Freedom, more animals will be freed from an unhappy fate to find good and responsible adoptive homes.

Chag Sameach,

Hilma Shmoshkovitz
Chairperson (Volunteer)
Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel

Pesach of Neutering

The Society, now in its 85th year of activity for animal welfare, plays an important role in raising the issue of the benefits of neutering cats and dogs in the public awareness. For more than thirty years we have been sterilizing or castrating every animal that finds an adoptive home, in order to limit the uncontrolled proliferation of pets and to prevent the suffering of unwanted puppies and kittens. To lessen the financial burden on the dog and cat owners, occasionly we carry out these surgical procedures at subsidized rates, charging for the costs of the surgery alone.
Thanks to a generous donation given to the Society, for the whole month of April we are inviting all cat and dog owners to bring their pets in to undergo castration or sterilization at highly reduced prices at the Society’s veterinary clinics in Tel Aviv or in the Sharon area in Bnei Zion.

Cat neutering/spaying – NIS 70
Dog castration – NIS 100
Sterilization of small and medium sized bitches – NIS130
Sterilization of large bitches – NIS 180

To make appointments in the Tel Aviv and Bnei Zion Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals clinics, please call: 1599-50-2005

* This offer is valid until such time as the maximum quota of operations is reached.

Stables Renovations

The most major project facing us at this time is the renovations of the stables. Following five years of intensive activity, during which time we saved, treated and rehabilitated hundreds of horses and donkeys that were living under conditions of criminal neglect and suffered constant, cruel abuse, the time has come to invest in the stables.
The rehabilitation period required for horses and donkeys is prolonged and complex, involving high costs for quality food and comprehensive professional, medical care. The Society has invested enormous resources to rehabilitate the horses and donkeys.<

Time, and the severe weather conditions of this past winter, have left their mark. The inferior conditions of the facilities prevent our keeping these animals and providing adequate care for them. Therefore, we now must undertake massive renovations, which will transform the Society’s stables into a protective shelter of the highest level. The cost of these renovations reaches hundreds of thousands of NIS and we hope that we will be able to raise enough donations to reach these sums.

Humanitarian Education

The Society’s Humanitarian Education Department provides educational activities on the subject of animals to groups of all ages and from every sector. The Department’s guides go out to schools, youth groups, clubs and community centers to lead activities adapted to all groups, using educational aides such as colorful cards, games and videos. In addition, the Department hosts visits from many groups (school children, youth groups from abroad, people with special needs, community donation days and so on), who enjoy guided tours including direct contact with the animals themselves.
As summer approaches, we are expanding the Educational Department’s activities, with our representatives leading hundreds of children from various summer camps and running activities in Golden Age Clubs. The educational activities are carried out at no charge, and those interested may coordinate lectures or visits to the Society at the following phone number: 1599-50-2005.

Social media

The Society’s Facebook page attracts thousands of surfers each month, constituting a stage for an active, bustling community active in the interests of animals. The Facebook members help the Society spread its message and find adoptive homes for cats and dogs which were abandoned and are in desperate need of a warm home. The members also share their love for animals, chat together and with the Society on the subject of pet maintenance and giving assistance when necessary, suggest names for those animals that reach the Society without a name, and enjoy discussions about experiences from the world of rearing animals.
Recently a special Purim competition was held where the surfers posted amusing photos of their pets. This competition illustrated the fun and satisfaction involved in rearing pets while contributing to an increase in members to our Facebook.
If you are also interested in getting updates regarding the Society’s activities, spreading the Society’s message and helping to find homes for abandoned animals, your are invited to surf our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/SPCAIL, to press the Like button, invite your friends to the page and share the contents.

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