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Help Animals while Winning Prizes!

A unique activity on our Facebook page promotes adoption of cats and dogs.

Snir Sharoni  | date: 24/10/2011   

Help Animals while Winning Prizes!
Photographed by Haim Schwarczenberg

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel – Tel Aviv, has just launched a social media activity, with the aim of finding new owners for homeless animals through the use of Facebook. By means of this unique activity, members of the Society who are on Facebook can disseminate the importance of animal adoption while winning prizes for their own pets.

How to participate?
Taking part in the activity is really easy and straightforward: all participants are asked to post a description of an exciting moment or exceptional event experienced with their pets in the Competition Arena on the Society’s Facebook page.
The idea is that these anecdotes will help to convince other users to adopt pets of their own. Users can share their stories with all of their Facebook friends, invite them to read, share with their own friends and vote for their personal story. Every participant helps the Society to disseminate these important messages.

The stories can be posted up till November 6 at 17:00.

Many thanks to Comlead Company for contributing the application for this activity.

What are the prizes?
The eight users whose stories get the highest number of votes will win the following prizes:
First prize: NIS 500 coupon for purchasing products at “Shelly” – pet store.<


Second prize: NIS 300 coupon for purchasing products at “Shelly” – pet store.
Third prize: NIS 200 coupon for purchasing products at “Shelly” – pet store.

A further five users will win a prize that they may choose from amongst the following prizes:
A veterinary appointment at the clinic including either the One in Four vaccine for cats or DHLP vaccine for dogs, or Hair cut at the Society’s hairdressing salon.

Choice stories will be published on the Society’s website. Apart from winning personal prizes, the participants gain the added value of knowing that they have helped the Society to disseminate the importance of animal adoption. We are hopeful that this activity will help the maximum possible number of animals to find loving homes.

Join Us On Facebook!
The Society runs widespread activity on the social network media, which has already accumulated more than 6,000 fans and friends. The Society’s Facebook page is used as a search tool to find homes for animals resident in the Society, to raise awareness of the need to assist the animals and to promote the Society’s activities in general. The page also serves as a warm, bustling community for all animal lovers. Join us at: https://www.facebook.com/SPCAIL

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