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Tel: *4553, (+972)-3-5136500
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Let the animals die in suffer ...  
Releasing neutered dogs onto the streets and leaving them in     (News

Let the animals die in suffering?!?

A Second Chance at a Good Lif ...  
Watch the feature film reviewing the history of the associat     (News

A Second Chance at a Good Life

The Comptroller’s Visit  
The State Comptroller and his team visited the SPCA Israel,     (News

The Comptroller’s Visit

Sia Dolorosa  
A dog,cruelly tied to a pole in the sea, almost drowned. She     (News

Sia Dolorosa

Other Ways to Make Atonement  
Exchanging the Kapparot custom to one of giving charity     (News

Other Ways to Make Atonement

Adopt guide


International Animals Day 201 ...  
Celebrating with the Animals: Special offers and reductions     (News

International Animals Day 2016

Children's Art Calendar  
2016-17 Calendar – Children illustrate their love and concer     (News

Children's Art Calendar

The Hamster Villa  
A large house was built especially for the hamsters that wer     (News

The Hamster Villa

Pesach Newsletter, 2016  
For our Newsletter    (News

Pesach Newsletter, 2016

A clean and safe Passover  
Moving over to ecological cleaning products – for your famil     (News

A clean and safe Passover

Guide to Adopting a cat


How to contact us - SPCA Israel
How to contact us
המפה באדיבות עיריית תל-אביב - יפו

Address: 159 Herzl Street, Tel Aviv
Tel: +972-3-513-6500, *4553.
Fax: +972-3-518-5889

Public Visiting hours and Veterinary Clinic Reception hours:
Sunday through Thursday 08:00 – 20:00
Friday: 08:00 – 14:00
Saturday: 11:00 – 14:00

Found animals can be handed in on any day of the week until 22:00 (Ring the bell on the main gate).
Do not leave animals at the gate of the Society – this puts them in great danger.


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